23 Marketing Ideas to help you Generate Real Estate Clients

Table of Contents

  • Use social media to generate
  • Use email marketing to generate
  • Use display advertising to generate
  • Use content marketing to generate
  • Use Videos to generate
  • Use online surveys to generate
  • Create a website for your real estate
  • Use online advertising to reach potential Real Estate
  • Create a blog to share your real estate insights and experiences with your
  • Use social media platforms to share your latest real estate listings and
  • Use online real estate calculators to help you price your properties
  • Offer free consultations for real estate
  • Google My Business
  • Real estate SEO
  • Add a chatbot to your site
  • Reviews
  • Get Testimonials from Past Clients
  • Start a Referral Program
  • Offer Facebook Live home
  • Add a newsletter sign-up to your Facebook page
  • Host an online Q&A session
  • Create an eBook or free guide
  • Try an SMS marketing campaign Conclusion
  • 1. Use social media to generate

Social media is a potent tool that may be used to create leads and sales in the real estate industry.

Utilizing social media platforms to develop and distribute material about properties is one of the best methods to leverage social media to increase leads and sales for real estate. You can write posts announcing the opening soon.

2. Use email marketing to generate leads.


One of a real estate agent’s most effective strategies is email marketing. The National Association of Realtors found that email marketing is the best method for connecting with both current and potential homebuyers.

The cost-effectiveness of email marketing is one of its main advantages. You can start with a free, basic email list and then upgrade it as necessary. Email marketing is also incredibly effective.

3. Use display advertising to generate leads.


For your real estate company, display advertising is a terrific approach to

  • generating With display advertising, you may rapidly and affordably reach a huge audience compared to traditional Banner advertising.

4. Use content marketing to generate leads.


According to a recent survey by the real estate listing website Trulia, content advertising is one of the best strategies for real estate brokers to create leads. Trulia discovered that content marketing produced an average of six leads for each content.

Content marketing is unquestionably one of the best strategies for generating leads. This is so that it may quickly reach a huge audience and be customized to meet particular needs. Furthermore, content advertising can be geared at particular demographics, such as homeowners and renters.

5. Use Videos to generate leads.


Numerous videos can produce leads for real estate. Examples include:

-A video tour of a property

-How to prepare and market a property

-The benefits of owning a property

-A video on the history of the area

-A video on what to look for when scouting a property

-A video on how to negotiate a property purchase

6. Use online surveys to generate leads.

Real estate leads can be generated quite effectively using online surveys. The ideal approach to use is to collect your customer’s contact information at the survey conclusion use of them is to collect your customer’s contact information after the conclusion of the survey. You can then follow up with them, try to get them into showings, or assist them in finding their ideal house.

Combine this technique with other marketing methods like email campaigns and social media.

Knowing exactly what you want each survey to achieve is crucial when doing online surveys. For instance, you should ask questions that will enable you to achieve your objective of generating more leads. If your goal is to gain insight into customer satisfaction or needs, ask those questions instead.

7. Create a website for your real estate leads.


Having a website is one of the finest strategies to increase the number of real estate leads.

  • You’ll be able to grow your brand and spread the word about yourself by doing The website can be used to advertise your products as well as any planned events or sales.

Even when you’re not in the office, folks may learn more about you if you have a website.

8. Use online advertising to reach potential Real Estate buyers.


There are various strategies to get your property seen by potential buyers in the competitive real estate market.

The following are some methods for reaching potential real estate buyers online:

Use Google AdWords to promote your property on YouTube videos, Gmail advertising, and Google search results pages.

Target prospective customers using Facebook Ads based on their interests, demographics, and geography.

Target professionals who are probably interested in buying or selling real estate with LinkedIn Ads.

9. Create a blog to share your real estate insights and experiences with your audience.

You don’t need to be a skilled writer or journalist to provide an interesting read for your audience when it comes to blogging.

The secret to a profitable blog is to produce content that is pertinent to your readers. Your blog entries, as a real estate agent, for instance, should be focused on assisting buyers and sellers in understanding the home-buying process.

A blog can assist you to establish your expertise in the subject and attract new clients if you’re trying to expand your client. It’s a good approach to connect with potential customers who may not be actively looking for a property right now but could benefit from some guidance in the future.

Even if most online marketing methods don’t mandate blogging, it’s still one of the finest ways to connect with potential clients and position yourself as an authority in your field.

10. Use social media platforms to share your latest real estate listings and posts.

Social media channels can be used by real estate agents to share their most recent listings and blog entries. Social media expands along with the virtual

  • Realtors may effectively reach out to prospective clients and assist them in finding the property of their dreams by utilizing social media channels.

As a real estate agent, you have a variety of alternatives for marketing your company. Making use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is one of the most widely used strategies. Compared to some of the other marketing channels accessible today, these websites give you the option to establish a more personal connection with potential customers.

Additionally, they give you the chance to connect with people who might be interested in your local listings for sale or rent and to share information about them.

You must select a platform that will make it simple and convenient for you to share content when deciding which one best suits your needs. You don’t want to pick a project that will take too much time or effort from you or your team members to complete to formally produce interesting content for the reader

11. Use online real estate calculators to help you price your properties accurately.

Since real estate is a significant industry, it is not surprising that real estate calculators are often used. They can assist you in estimating taxes, determining the value of your home, and even comparing the expenses of various loans. But where can you get these calculators for real estate online?

Real estate calculators are available for free in several locations. Zillow is among the greatest locations to look at. This website provides several tools that may be used to estimate your potential profit from selling your house or even how much you should shell out for a new one. To determine what kind of loan would be the most suitable for you, you can even utilize their mortgage calculator.

Another good place to look for online real estate calculators is Realtor.com. This site doesn’t offer as many options as Zillow does, but it does have some useful tools for determining our homes’ values or finding out what kind of mortgage payment we might qualify for based on our income level and other factors

12. Offer free consultations for real estate leads.

Why not begin with a free consultation? Speaking with the prospect is the greatest approach to start a sales cycle. There are numerous methods for finding potential clients when it comes to real estate leads. It can be challenging to understand how to turn those leads into customers, though. Offering free consultations in exchange for real estate leads is an effective tactic.

Before agreeing to work together, a free consultation enables you to speak with the potential client and ascertain whether they are a good fit for your services. By only working with people who are serious about what you do, you can save time and money.

The best part about offering free consultations is that they tend to work well! The prospect will appreciate being able to talk over the phone or in person about their needs and wants without having to pay anything upfront for your time or expertise. This also allows them to ask any questions they may have about what you do before committing further into the sales cycle.

13. Google My Business


Being found is the best method to generate more leads.

Even if you follow all the necessary steps, you won’t receive any queries if no one is looking at your listings.

You can make sure that potential buyers may find your listings by using Google My Business (GMB).

With GMB, you can make a free listing for your company on Google Maps and other directories where customers look for establishments just like yours.

Additionally, it makes you more accessible to potential clients on Google Search, Maps, Google+, and even their mobile devices.

14. Real estate SEO


According to a survey conducted by PulteGroup Inc., one of the largest homebuilders in the country, 26% of inhabitants of the UAE intend to purchase a home in the upcoming year. Additionally, almost 40% of renters indicate they plan to purchase a home in the next five years. People most frequently stated that they wanted to purchase so they could afford more room than they already own.

  • Real estate SEO can help you connect with renters who are seeking apartments or houses for rent nearby, in addition to assisting buyers in finding real estate agents and properties Whether they are renting or buying, as people age, they may decide they desire something bigger or smaller than what they already have.

15. Add a chatbot to your site

The future of digital marketing is chatbots. Numerous brands and companies are already utilizing the technology to enhance conversion, foster customer loyalty, and create leads.

One area that has been hesitant to adopt new technology is real estate, but as millennials take up a larger share of the market, it’s time for agents and brokers to catch up.

Using Facebook Messenger or Slack, a chatbot may be installed on any website in only a few minutes. Once configured, your chatbot can answer queries from website visitors and even make appointments with potential customers.

16.  Local Reviews


There are several methods for generating leads for real estate agents. The most successful is local search.

Google and other online review sources for your area are excellent sources of leads for your company. If you have the time, manually go out to clients who have left reviews on these websites and inquire about their interactions with your business.

There are tools available that can accomplish this for you automatically if you don’t have time for it.

17. Get Testimonials from Past Clients

You must produce testimonials if you’re selling real estate. Any firm needs testimonials to succeed. And if you’re not receiving them, that may be a serious issue. In actuality, most firms lack sufficient customer reviews.

They can’t get them since they don’t know how to. Or they are not being used properly.

Here are five suggestions for obtaining endorsements from previous clients:

  1. Request them at the appropriate
  2. Send them a template and instructions in an
  • If required, follow up with phone calls and emails.
  1. Persist in your requests until you receive what you want and don’t accept no for an
  2. Incorporate testimonies into your advertisements, sales letters, and social media

18. Start a Referral Program


The goal of every real estate agent is to increase lead generation. Asking an agent to recommend your services to their clients may be worthwhile if you and the agent have a solid working relationship.

Make sure you clarify the procedure and what they can anticipate from their referrals when you approach a real estate agent for a referral. Additionally, you should give them a perk in exchange for their business referrals.

If they bring customers to you through the referral program, you might provide a free consultation or even a discount on services. By doing this, you can encourage your clients to recommend you to others while also cultivating connections with other local agents!

19. Offer Facebook Live home tours.


Nothing beats a live home tour for generating leads and selling houses. Offer Facebook Live home tours as part of your marketing plan if you’re looking for a technique to attract more visitors to your house.

A fantastic method to let the world into your home is through Facebook Live. You can post the tour on your website or blog in addition to sharing it with your Facebook friends. This allows prospective buyers to visit your home in person and allows you to address any queries they may have.

20. Add a newsletter sign-up to your Facebook page.


Real estate professionals are constantly looking for new lead-generation strategies. Add a newsletter sign-up form to your Facebook profile as one strategy.

This is an excellent approach to adding individuals to your email list and getting them to subscribe to your real estate blog. Use the free Lead pages plugin to quickly create a blog if you don’t already have one.

Once the plugin is configured, you may construct an opt-in form that will

  • be displayed on every page of your website (except for the homepage). The form will appear as follows:

It’s crucial that you just choose the necessary fields so that people can easily subscribe to your newsletter. Additionally, you can alter additional options and the form’s color as necessary.

People will receive an email confirmation with details on how to confirm their subscription after providing their information. Every time you publish a new article on your website (as long as they’re still subscribed), they’ll also get another email.

21. Host an online Q&A session.

Hosting an online Q&A session is the best strategy to create leads if you work in the real estate industry. You can find out about a potential customer’s requirements, worries, and passions by responding to their inquiries. Additionally, it allows you a chance to demonstrate your level of familiarity and proficiency with the relevant subject. You have a great chance to prove that you are reliable and informed about real estate at this point. Additionally, it fosters confidence with future customers.

You must set up a discussion page on your website where visitors may post questions regarding real estate-related subjects that appeal to them to host

an online Q&A session. Additionally, you need to establish a clear policy for how you or other professionals in your network will respond to these inquiries (if applicable).

Even if they aren’t ready to buy or sell a property just yet, you want website visitors to feel as though they have access to information that can help them make wise selections.

22. Create an ebook or free guide.


Agents in the real estate industry are constantly looking for fresh leads. To assist them in bringing in more customers, you can write an ebook or a free tutorial.

Because they are simple to share and may be used as a discussion starter with prospects who are interested in real estate, ebooks and manuals are excellent lead generation tools.

You can produce the following two sorts of content:

  1. An ebook outlining the process of purchasing and selling a home, including how long it takes, what occurs at each stage, This will assist in educating your target market so they are prepared when they begin the
  • search for a new
  1. A free guide on how to sell your home faster (or buy a home sooner). This type of content is especially helpful if you’re targeting homeowners who have been in their current house for a few years but haven’t sold yet because they don’t know where to begin or what steps to take

23. Try an SMS marketing campaign.


One of the most efficient strategies to produce real estate leads in recent years has been SMS marketing.

A survey by Online and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) found that more than two-thirds of consumers prefer to receive text messages from businesses they like, and 90% of those polled stated that getting such messages had prompted them to make a purchase.

This is because texting is simple, quick, and convenient. If you have your phone with you, you can do it whenever you want and anyplace without exerting any effort. Additionally, it stands to reason that people would prefer text messages over emails or social media updates are given how much time people spend these days on their phones.

In addition to being a successful method of directly reaching customers, SMS marketing has a few advantages over other types of digital marketing:

It’s affordable – For less than 5AED per month, you can send hundreds or thousands of texts (depending on what type of plan you choose). In comparison to other forms of digital marketing like email campaigns or banner ads on websites, it will still be cost-effective even if just 5% of receivers respond favorably.



Real estate leads should be your priority if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Nothing can replace the significance of creating new leads, regardless of whether your goal is to draw in new customers or simply keep the ones you already have. And fortunately, there are many reliable resources available that can assist novice agents in doing just that.

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