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Aoja Advertising (AOJAAD) is a full-service digital marketing company, we offer clients in China and UAE a powerful range of marketing service to enhance their web presence, boost lead conversion, and grow their business to help UAE businesses and organizations connect with Chinese speaking customers in China and all around the UAE. We provide the most cutting-edge, effective and accountable China digital marketing services in the market.

We provide everything that you need to promote your products and services to more than 800 million Chinese internet users. This saves your time and money by removing the need to manage and coordinate a framework of agencies. We help you to expand your business into the China market by leveraging our experience and know-how and the latest online marketing technologies for clear results. Into the mix, we add our rich knowledge of Chinese culture and language and our focus on people and their needs (rather than purely search engines and social media platforms!). This ensures that every bespoke solution will help you to achieve your business goals in the booming China.

We pride ourselves on being the leading digital marketing agency in China & UAE.

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Full Service Digital Marketing Company.

AOJA analyses your business needs with the correct digital marketing solution.
AOJA is not just your ordinary digital marketing team. We are a team with a vision to grow your brand in the UAE. We started out as an exclusive marketing company for Chinese nationals by helping their business grow to other communities in the UAE. with our experience, we have created a fool proof step by step process on how to boost your brand and achieve the best sales and defeat your competitors.
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Website development and management is also one of our most prized service. Our team is composed of excellent UI/UX designers and web developers who always uses the customer’s perspective in each web experience. 

User Experience 90%
Website Speed 89%
Website Design 92%
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