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Digital Marketing in Dubai has changed this past year. The recent pandemic has caused us to rethink how we advertise products and business in Dubai. Gone are the days where you see people handing out flyer after flyer, brochure after brochure or company giveaways and business expos. In these day and age, digital marketing has been the forefront of customer acquisition, sales and customer service.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is company that helps business grow using digital platforms such as the internet, social media, mobile networks and digital listings. Each digital marketing agency partners with multiple platforms or focus on one specific platform that they have expertise in. Each platform provides different set of advantage for each niche or type of business. Other agencies also solely focus on promoting a certain customer base and focus on this aspect specifically.

Certain agencies also are expert in a certain customer base. This includes targeting a specific set of demographic or business niche. One of the untapped demographics in Dubai is the Chinese market. There are about 200 thousand Chinese expats in Dubai right now and is a tight knit community with great purchasing potential.

Chinese Market in Dubai

The Chinese market in Dubai has grown steadily and has had an established presence in Dubai right now. From only a few thousands of Chinese in the 2005 to now over 200,000 in Dubai alone. They have built a tight knit community as well as a modern business hub in the middle east. Having over 6000 Chinese owned business in Dubai which is growing, the Chinese sector is a growing demographic in Dubai.

Many marketers however forget the fact that the Chinese have their own set of social and digital presence. With restrictions on popular websites and domains, the Chinese people have used their own set of digital marketing platforms that were carried over from the mainland. Though operating similarly to our own platform like google, Facebook, WhatsApp and the like, Chinese online and social platform algorithm and search method differ a bit from what we are used to.

Aoja Digital Marketing

AOJA digital marketing services was established in Dubai in 2019 to introduce the Chinese clientele in Dubai to the benefits of traditional digital marketing platforms in Dubai. As noted in the paragraph above, the Chinese have their own specific platform that they use to buy, sell and socialize. However, this only works if they are in mainland china or within their community. AOJA helps them increase their clientele to other nationalities in Dubai and expand their business. In a years’ time, AOJA grew from only catering to Chinese people to introducing the other demographics in Dubai to the Chinese community.

Chinese marketing is a niche that only AOJA has studied and perfected. AOJA serves as a bridge that connects the Chinese community in Dubai to all the other demographics as well as vice versa. The company has created a portfolio that ensures it clientele to understand the benefits of working with the Chinese community and tap its exclusive connections.

The Power of WeChat

WeChat is a Chinese social and messaging platform develop by the Chinese company Tencent. This app serves as the primary communication platform of most Chinese people in the mainland and Dubai. This powerful tool not only serves as a communication platform, it also serves as social media and payment systems to its users. Built and maintained by powerful servers, this tool has been China’s way to interact with each other globally, with more than 1.2 Billion active users worldwide. This serves as a perfect social tool for internet marketers. However, most people don’t understand the Chinese language and this tool is built on the Chinese language. This is why not a lot of Digital Marketing professionals venture into this platform. AOJA on the other hand has perfect the use and management of this platform. Using powerful add-ons like Miniprograms and Miniwebsites, AOJA has enabled Dubai companies to expose their services and benefits to WeChat’s extensive client base. AOJA digital marketing agency is your best way to help you bring not only clients to your business but a high purchasing power demographic like the Chinese community. With the covid situation in Dubai stabilizing, Chinese tourist will be at the forefront of the tourist coming to Dubai. The best way to bridge this clientele to your business is the only full service Digital Marketing Agency that bridges China to Dubai.


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