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Boosted Post Vs Facebook Ad Manager in a head-to-head comparison.

The most frequently asked question we encounter in every meeting we get right now is, what is the difference between boosting a post and Ads Manager. AOJA Advertising and Digital Marketing company has had countless customers and clients always asking this question. They say that if boosting and Facebook ads are generally ads, they would prefer boosting and save the cost of any service fee.

This is why, we would like to show you the answer in this quick article. Like any scientist, we put theory to test by making 4-day experiment and show you a side-by-side comparison why boosting ads will not provide you the preferred results. We ensure that all the variables of this test are the same, so that we can clearly spot which ad method is more effective than the other.

The Following Variables Were done in this test:

1. Ad Copy: We used the same ad copy.

2. Web Visuals: We used the same creative.

3. Goals/Objectives: We used the same goals in boosting post and ad manager. Ad manager accounts actually give more objective options but we used a common goal for both methods which is Increase messages.

4. Audience & Demographics: with Facebook Introducing custom audiences and demographics in boosting posts, we were able to match the audience and targeting of both ads.

5. Placement: ads placements were set to both Facebook and Instagram.

6. Duration: We set the ads to start on the same day and time as well as the same amount of time.

7. Budget: We set the same budget for both ads.

8. CTA: WhatsApp Button

Like in all science experiments we set a hypothesis that Ads made in Facebook ad manager will provide a better result due to its functions of being able to deliver your ads better to people most likely to interact with your business.

Day 1:

Both ads ran and generated results after the same day and 1st day results show a clear picture which one is better. We noticed Facebook utilized the total remaining budget on the last day and generated much higher results compared to the past 2 days.

As you can see in the post, spending was both around 20 AED for the first day. Ads Manager generated 8 Messages and the boosted post generated 2 Messages. Impression and reach is also better in Facebook ads manager at 814 vs 747.

Day 2:

On Day 2 ads gained more traction and results increased for both ads placed. We do see who is better though. Remember these two ads have the same audience, demographics and placements, see which ad is performing better.

On the second day, our ad manager ads distanced itself from the boosted post. Generating about 600 more reaches on the same budget spent and generating 4 more results compared to only 1 from the boosted post.

Day 3: Final Day

On the final day of the test. We noticed Facebook pushed to finish the remaining budget in the last day. The test clearly does show which is a better platform to push your ads.

As you can see on the end results, Facebook ads generated 2,724 reach vs the boosted post 1,767 reach as well as more conversion at 25 messages vs 9. That’s a 36% difference in results generated.


While doing the test, we ensured that all the variables are constant and there is no stoppage on the ads whatsoever. The test clearly shows why running ads in ads manager makes you convert more due to the fact that you can customize the system according to your needs properly. It may need a manager or a person to manage your ads but it makes you convert more results for your business. The question now is why?

To answer it bluntly, as you can see in the screenshot, boosting a post, even if you customize the goal (in this case messages), has a lower conversion algorithm. When you boost a post, Facebook only sets a limited audience for your set budget compared to the full access of the audiences in Facebook ad manager. This is why ads manager will give you more results. Not to mention, placement is also a factor in ads manager. In boosts posts, it will only show your ad in the newsfeed of Facebook and Instagram as well messenger. Facebook ad on the other hand will give you more placement options like fb marketplace, Instagram IGTV and more. This will help you reach more people as well as ensure that your ads are being interacted with highly interactive people who are either buying or are really interested in your product.

The test clearly shows that running ads on Facebook ad manager will give you better results and will save daily cost on ads spend. If you need help in running your ads, AOJA Digital Marketing Company is one of the best companies to help you run your ads through Facebook ad manager. We provide excellent plans and work with you to achieve your goal in the best possible cost. Contact us today for more information.



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