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WeChat is an incredible place for you to share interesting content about your brand and your products. You can share videos, audio, photos and messages. We can help you to share the right content at the right time. Content is crucial.


WeChat is the tool to make your customer loyal, by providing them useful information and help them to meet others consumers with the same profiles.

Customer service

We help you setup your WeChat as your customer service channel on any platform.


Our Agency specializes on the WeChat platform. We can help businesses increase their visibility to the Chinese audience through this powerful application. WeChat is your best platform to access the Chinese Community.


WeChat provide integrated programs within its platform. We can help you setup an Ecommerce store directly from WeChat. Users can use their WeChat pay to shop within your shop.


WeChat also gives you the ability to advertise to their platform. Their only difference is they charge per CPM.

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To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment...

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WeChat Super APP

WeChat was created by the Chinese giant, Tencent. At its core, it is a messaging app, but it has so much more to offer. No other app in the West is comparable to WeChat. It is a mix of Facebook, Skype, Slack, Amazon and Paypal, all rolled up into one app. Knowing this, it is easier to understand the huge role of WeChat in Chinese people’s lives. Indeed, it is the most popular mobile app in China, in which they all spend hours everyday. The app enables companies to create an “official account” to promote their company. This is the best way for a brand to create a community, gain followers and being actively engaged with them. As you can also sell your products on WeChat, it is very convenient for the user to directly purchase something on your WeChat account. Get an Official Account Today with AOJA Adverstising.

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The Gateway Platform to Introduce your Brand to the Chinese Market.

WeChat is the app on which Chinese spend most of their time. It is thus the best way to make your brand visible to the Chinese audience. WeChat is more than just a messaging platform. It is a social network that Chinese people use.

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Boost your sales by Making a Miniprogram

WeChat miniprograms is one of the biggest marketing tool in the platform. Miniprograms are apps within an app(in this case WeChat). They act as websites or ecommerce store for users to interact, buy and get information from your brand.

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