Simple steps to register for a WeChat Official Account in Dubai. (WeChat Part 2)

In the first article, we pointed out the importance of an official account in Dubai for Chinese Marketing. It is the best and surefire way to tap into an existing 200,000 strong customer base and at least 300,000 yearly tourists. This article will cover the steps on the initial registration for your business official account. You can easily register your business for a WeChat official account with the steps below.

What you need to have before you can register for WeChat Official Account.

Dubai and the whole UAE are one of the countries that has the ability to use the WeChat social platform to its fullest and many businesses have now official account in which they can share their content to the Chinese community. Due to the stringent policy of Tencent with regards to privacy and verification, in order to register for an official account, you would need the following requirements to register.

• Name for your OFFICE ACCOUNT.
• The name of your manager or the owner
• 1 Copy of the Emirates ID (Manager or the Owner).
• 2 Email address (password required for each).
• The license of your business.
• The Address of the provided license above.
• 1 Contact number (to receive OTP).
• 3 Months previous bill of the contact number (the provided number above).
• Telephone landline number.

Once all these requirements are prepared you are ready to register for your official account in WeChat.

1. Go to https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ and click on register

Registering for official account
2. Choose Service Account

Choose service account
3. Fill in your email address, verify email address and set your password.

4. Click register

click register
5. Select your location, United Arab Emirates will be one of the options listed.

location UAE
6. Select Service Account

Select type of account

7. Enter your Details and upload the necessary documents.

fill up the documents
8. Add your Official Account Name (We recommend you put Dubai next to your business name to ensure you are searched by your audience) as well us your public business details.)

add your official account name
9. Confirm payment via WeChat pay or Visa/Master card. (99 USD or 380 AED)


10. You are all set, Tencent will review your Application within 7 to 10 Business days.

It is important to review all of your requirements before undergoing this process. You also need to ensure that you have all your company information and official account name be prepared ahead as you can only change this upon renewal or you need to pay for another authentication. You must also ensure that all your documents match with the information you typed upon registration. Moving forward, it is relatively easy to register for an official account, however to maximize and ensure your approval we highly recommend you consult experts like AOJA Advertising & Digital Marketing Company to help you in the step by step process. This ensures you will be able to promote your business the right way and launch your business in the Chinese Market.



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