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Why setting up an official account for WeChat is important for Dubai Businesses. (Part 1)

With the implementation of convenient functions such as WeChat payment and WeChat moments, more and more enterprises and merchants are aiming at the huge business opportunities that Official account of WeChat presents.

What is a WeChat Official Account?

A WeChat official account is a powerful marketing tool in the WeChat application. Usually equivalent to a Facebook page, A WeChat official account will enable a brand to:

  • Gather Followers
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Redirect them to a website/e-commerce platform.

This helps a brand be discovered by 1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users. This is specifically true to any business wanting to access the Chinese market. With the Chinese community growing in the Emirate of Dubai, WeChat is the most powerful tool to boost your business.

The official account is an organic way of growing your business to the Chinese community, and with most platforms endorsing the power of content marketing, you will see the benefit of registering to one.

WeChat Branding

1. Better marketing for you brand.

To promote a great product or service, promoting them through normal channels specially in the Chinese community is difficult. Most Chinese do not access Facebook or search in google as much as they search in WeChat. An official account will boost your brand organically by being able to push your product or service directly to your customer base. This push notification option is a very powerful to build your brand in the Chinese Community.

2. Save marketing costs

Using official accounts will help enterprises save in marketing cost due to its power to push your brands directly to a user’s chat or interface. This enables you to push your content easily as WeChat users can easily share your brand to their active friends and make your growth in the platform to exponential heights.

3. Customers can get your information easily.

WeChat office accounts gives a business a way to accurately share their business information direct to their clientele. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms, once you update your official account on WeChat, your subscribers are directly being notified by your promotion and is viewed immediately. This ensures that accurate information is disseminated to all your subscribers.

4. Bulk Messaging made easy.

One amazing feature for WeChat official accounts is its bulk messaging feature. The only other social platform that can do bulk messaging is WhatsApp, but WeChat offers a much more targeted and direct approach to this feature. Having an official account will let you post a promotion for 4 times a month in which per promotion you can send as much 8 text message to all subscribers in one go. These text messages will not just go unnoticed as they are pushed directly to the user’s chat box and be notified by whatever you have. This is unlike other social platforms which only gives clients a notification for a page update. This feature is perfect for ecommerce businesses.

WeChat is your gateway platform to access the Chinese market!

WeChat is definitely a powerful tool for marketing and adds a lot of benefits to any company all over the world. What makes it even more powerful though it is essential to breaking the ice to market to the Chinese audience. It is basically the gateway marketing tool to make your brand shine in a customer base totaling to 1.4 Billion users. China is known to have a big middle class demographic with purchasing power and because of this potential, your business can boom in a matter of seconds with WeChat Official Accounts.

How to register to WeChat Official accounts?

As a company based in Dubai, registering for a WeChat official account seems daunting as there are only a few experts in this field. This is why AOJA Advertising, the premier Chinese Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, will help you throughout the process in registering your business.

Service Account vs. subscription account

Types of accounts?

Generally, when registering for a WeChat office account, you need to consider what type of official account you will choose. However, in Dubai we can only register for one type of account unless you have an existing company set-up in china. This article however will cover the basic difference between the 2 types of accounts you can use.

WeChat Subscription accounts (订阅号): can send up to 1 push message per day to their followers and are grouped together in a dedicated folder appearing alongside your friends in the “chat” section of WeChat.
WeChat Service accounts (服务号): appear as friends in the “chat” section of WeChat. They are extremely visible and have additional features compared to subscription account (in particular WeChat login, WeChat payment and geo-localization). However, they can only post 4 messages per month.

WeChat Service accounts (服务号): appear as friends in the “chat” section of WeChat. They are extremely visible and have additional features compared to subscription account (in particular WeChat login, WeChat payment and geo-localization). However, they can only post 4 messages per month.

Are you a business in Dubai?

official account WeChat flower gift center

In Dubai, there are already about 200,000 Chinese expats living here, with even more tourist coming here due to the community that these expatriates established. Dubai business have seen the spending capacity of the Chinese community and always wanted to tap into the market. They spent countless of amount of money in traditional digital marketing platforms to no avail. This is because only a few marketing companies know how to market to these people. Due to the exclusivity of the Chinese community set by their government, Chinese uses their own patented platforms to communicate with each other and this is why WeChat is the focus platform for any Chinese marketing campaign.

How can I get an Official Account?

Dubai is one of the few countries that WeChat company provided exclusive license too. This way companies in the UAE can use all the functionalities of the WeChat app. This is why getting an official account is possible. AOJA advertising company is one of the few companies that can help you hasten the process in getting one and at the same time provide you a step by step guide in creating your first campaign upon completion of your registration. As a start-up company in Dubai though, it doesn’t mean that you cannot register on your own for an official account. The next article of this Series will show you the steps in Making an Official account in WeChat.

This article is a two-part series about creating an official account on WeChat, read part two here.



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